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toms_angels's Journal

Tom DeLonge//Angels and Airwaves Fans
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Okay, this is a community for fans of Angels and Airwaves, but also for Tom DeLonge fans in general.

There's not going to be any offical rules, but here's some rough guidelines, just so the community doesn't get out of hand:

-Chat about Tom, about Angels and Airwaves, blink-182, Box Car Racer, anything that concerns any of these bands/people.

-You can discuss the whole blink-182 break-up/hiatus - but DON'T start any serious arguments or drama over other people's differing opinions.

-Any huge pictures, or anymore than 3 pictures must be placed under an Lj cut. Nobody likes to have their Flist raped.

-Only promote relevant communities (i.e blink-182 or Tom DeLonge communites NOT rating communities, or Save The African Seamonkeys communities...)